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Greenleaf Home Inspections will check 350+ items in your home to provide an accurate assessment of your home's safety, condition, and value. The reports compiled are detailed and thorough with a quick response time to make a knowledgeable decision in the home buying process. 

Sellers are often recommended to complete a Pre-Inspection prior to hitting the market.  Doing so provides Sellers with a leg up on market value and can reveal any hidden issues that need to be addressed before going against a hot market of competitive houses.  

Let's face it, a Home Inspection report can save a buyer thousands of dollars in repairs if issues are caught before closing.  GIS provides thorough, detailed reports complete with photos and explanations of deficiencies and concerns. Peace of mind - that's what GIS offers with every inspection.  When buyers make the largest investment in their portfolio, they need to know that the house they are purchasing is structurally sound, free from health hazards and void of any issues that would impact the value of their investment and the quality of their lives.